Celebrating 10 Years (2007-2017) of introducing YOU to Paris and other regions of France.

Paris and the Megaliths of Brittany

A Leisurely Tour for Photographers and Artists

June 5 - 12, 2017
6 Days/Seven Nights with Breakfast
$2499 Land Only/Double Occupancy
$2999 Land Only/Single Supplement

The tour was designed to be slow paced so that photographers and artists won't be rushed from place to place before they're ready to go.  The Morbihan area of Brittany is a coastal region teeming with standing stones that were placed over 5000 years ago, and many of these can be experienced up close, unlike the more famous Stonehenge, that you admire from the sidewalk.  Brittany is essentially Celtic and you will notice place names in both French and Breton (their Celtic dialect).
The tour starts in Paris, with arrival night, so take the earliest flight you can to squeeze in some nearby sightseeing as we won't be back until the weekend. We're off the next morning via train to Rennes, where we get our van, and then we're off to the Morbihan, in time for sunset shoots on the beach or a visit to the standing stones of Carnac. We'll have two super early morning photo shoot, then back for breakfast, but of course, you are more than welcome to wander off by yourself to paint or photograph. Everything is fairly compact for a even a semi-seasoned walker. We'll also visit Locmariaquer (the largest of the once standing stones)  the first afternoon and Gavrinis the second (the island burial cairn we visit by boat).  Guests can  also choose to relax at the beach or enjoy one of the several spas in the area.
Saturday we're back to Paris, where we'll do an evening visit of the Eiffel Tower.  Sunday, we'll visit the Louvre and have our farewell dinner. Monday morning the shuttle picks you up at a designated time and whisks you to the airport and your flight home.

Carnac Plage (or beach)

Menec Alignment

Kermario Alignment

Tumulus St. Michel - now fenced off.

All Photos - All Rights Reserved:  Rebecca Caraveo